Kwaheri Nairobi

Today I have to say goodbye. Goodbye to Nairobi’s informal settlements, and goodbye to you, my blog readers. The last weeks have been a journey that took us to a place far away, to a place the majority of us probably haven’t seen before. I hope my blog entries have not only contributed to an idea of UPE topics found in Nairobi’s informal settlements but a general idea of the unique place I have investigated.

There are plenty of UPE challenges found in Nairobi’s informal settlements. Challenges that start from colonial legacies that split the city into informal and formal. Challenges that range from water and air to waste and disease. It is crucial though to keep in mind that there are not only challenges. There are also opportunities, shown amongst others with the example of circular economies or with urban farming projects.

It is also crucial to remember an idea of Nairobi’s informal settlements not only as a place of poverty and misery. I have experienced Nairobi’s informal settlements as a vibrant and colourful place, a place where wonderful people live that are supportive of each other and also to foreigners visiting them. A place that is confronted with enormous challenges but with a spirit of hope and positivity nonetheless!

It was difficult to choose the last picture, but children playing football can’t be a bad choice!

Until then – stay curious, positive, and healthy!

Children playing football in Kibera. Source: Xinhua/Wang Teng, 2017

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Featured image: Zammit Lupi, D. (2017). Train in Kibera. Retrieved from

Xinhua & Wang Teng (2017). Children playing football in Kibera. Retrieved from

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